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Liquid Soul & Osaka Shomyo


CD Liquid Soul & Osaka Shomyo - Sho yoku chi soku

Format: DVD & CD in einer Box

Price: 15,00 €

To have a little desire and be satisfied with a little gain

A staged German-Japanese oratorio, with 7th century Buddhist chant sung by monks from Osaka and Nagoya, traditional Japanese instruments, a giant Javanese gong, and richly improvised saxophone-playing. A cross-cultural, inter-faith dialogue between East and West, past and present, and between personal and collective spheres.

recorded live at Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche, Berlin, October 5th, 2012
total playing time: 88 min

more informations about the project:

YouTube trailer

Liquid Soul

Sudah Mandi – heute schon gebadet?

Sudah Mandi - heute schon gebadet?

Format: CD

Price: 17,00 €

Musik inspiriert durch 3 Studienreisen nach Bali

Beate Gatscha – Gender Wayang, Hang, Stimme, Wasserstichorgel
Gert Anklam – Gender Wayang, Saxophone, Suling, Wasserstichorgel
Ravi Srinivasan – Tabla, Perkussion, Gesang

Saichu Yohansyah – Riesengong

Label: Raumer Records
total playing time: 58.07 min

Liquid Soul VOL. 2

Tausend Kraniche

CD Liquid Soul VOL. 2 - Tausend Kraniche

Format: CD

Price: 12,00 €

recorded at Christuskirche Berlin, May 2011
sound engineer: Knut Becker
label: harp

Gert Anklam – saxophone, sheng, overtone well whistle
Beate Gatscha – overtone well whistlel, hang, vocal
Uli Moritz – percussion, hang
Karin Nakagawa – koto, vocal
Cathrin Pfeifer – Akkordeon & Sonny Thet – Cello

total playing time: 62:57


Liquid Soul VOL. 1

Musik aus Luft und Wasser

CD Liquid Soul VOL. 1 - Musik aus Luft und Wasser

Format: CD

Price: 12,00 €

the featured instrument is the unique overtone well whistle

Gert Anklam – overtone well whistle, saxophone u.a.
Beate Gatscha – overtone well whistle, foot percussion (tatkar)
guest: Nandkishor Muley – santur

Label: Raumer-Records
total playing time: 68 min
more informations about the project:


Gert Anklam

konzert für b.

Gert Anklam - Konzert für B.

Format: CD

Price: 12,00 €

Solo baritone saxophone live at the impressive acoustic of the People`s Battle Monument in Leipzig (Völkerschlachtdenkmal)
Gert Anklam – baritone saxophone

sound engineer: Knut Becker
Label: Harp
total playing time: 68 min

Youtube Video


Gert Anklam & Holger Mantey

to be ohr

to be ohr

Format: CD

Price: 12,00 €

musical impressions of journeys through India and Africa on saxophone and piano

Gert Anklam – Sopransaxophon, Bansuri, Sheng
Holger Mantey – Piano, Synth

Label: Konnex Records
total playing time: 53.19 min


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